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Master of Laws (LLM for International Law Graduates) (LAW2-LLM)

Master of Laws (LLM for International Law Graduates)

Program Code: LAW2-LLM
Degree Designation: Master of Laws
Department: School of Law

Program Summary

Duke’s LLM program for international lawyers and law school graduates is designed to provide an introduction to the legal system and the practice of law in the United States as well as the opportunity to take advanced training in specialized areas of law. The program of study is normally completed in one academic year, which begins for all new students in late August.

Most international LLM students at Duke are professionals with two or more years of experience at well-known law firms. They also are judges, prosecutors, academics, and members of government ministries, corporations, and financial institutions. The LLM program usually includes a small number of talented, very recent law graduates, as well.

Applicants are expected to hold a first degree in law from an accredited institution outside the United States. The law degree should be the equivalent of the JD or LLB degree.

Admission for international students to the LLM program is separate from the JD admissions process. Prospective candidates for these programs should contact the international programs office or review the LLM application process online.

While it is not necessary, applicants are welcome to visit Duke Law School, meet staff and students, observe classes, and interview with a member of the international studies staff. Applicants are encouraged to contact Duke Law alumni for more information about the international LLM program.