Academic Year Employment

The study of law is demanding. It is designed to occupy the full attention of students and calls for the highest level of concentration. It is unwise for students to dilute their efforts with outside work, especially during the critical first year of study. Accordingly, no first-year student shall engage in employment without permission of the associate dean, and in no case shall engage in employment for more than twenty hours per week. While students should limit their employment during the school year for academic reasons, no student may be employed for more than twenty hours per week during the academic year.

For those who find some outside earnings necessary to meet the expense of studying law at Duke, arrangements have been made to provide some part-time employment at the law school. A number of positions in the law library are filled by law students, and many students are employed in their second or third years as research assistants for faculty members.

Law student spouses who seek employment will find opportunities comparable to those in most other areas of the country. Laboratory workers, computer programmers, development officers, teachers, and medical personnel are some of the positions spouses have typically held in the past. The University Human Resources, Duke Temporary Services, and the medical center personnel offices assist interested persons in locating suitable employment on campus.