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Office of Student Affairs

The goals of the Office of Student Affairs are to ensure a collegial and supportive experience for all students and to assist students in maximizing the effectiveness of their individual efforts by providing opportunities for academic, leadership, professional, and personal development. The office staff works to create a climate in which each student is encouraged to develop individual talents and strengths through means which contribute to the overall quality of the community.

The office efforts are focused on three areas: (1) support of academic work; (2) support of activities to complement student academic work; and (3) support of activities of student life unrelated to academic study. Within these areas of involvement, staff members help administer Duke Law School rules and policies, including the Honor Code; serve as liaisons for accommodation requests for students with disabilities; and counsel students on personal issues that may arise, providing referrals to outside professionals as appropriate.

In an effort both to communicate its mission to Duke Law School students and to articulate the school’s expectations, the Office of Student Affairs is guided by the Duke Law Blueprint, which was created in 2002 and received the 2005 American Bar Association award for one of the top two professionalism programs in the country. Not only does the student orientation program LEAD Week focus on the Blueprint, but activities such as the Duke Law Wellness series and International Week also reiterate the importance of the Blueprint ideals throughout the year. The Office of Student Affairs website,, provides more information about the Blueprint, as well as other helpful student links.